General Questions

If you like to visit the island it’s the best option. Keep in mind sometime you need to drive off-road.

If you don’t rent a car the villa is just 10-15’ mins far from the airport and a taxi ride cost less than €20.

In Caleta you can rent e-bikes and e-skateboard

Supermarket in 1.4Km from the house in Caletea, opposite to the tank station. The mega mall has a parking and is normally open till 10PM. You can find a local Phone-SIM.

If you like a tipical fish taverna you have to try Los Caracolitos (closed on the week end), only cash acepted; just go right on the main street, 900metre, after the Salt Museum and the Whale bones.

If you like a good level of resturant try Algomas on the top of the Golf Club, nice vie wat the sunset and be ready to dance sometimes.

In the main street you can find fast food, pizza (delivery too) and other resturants, bar and pubs.

If you are in Puerto del Rosario we can suggest La cicha del pompodoro (The tomato girl).

Other Questions

Sorry Pet are not allowed

Depending of your disability, there are small steps to enter and exting. Please contact our host for more info or  a video visit.

No the towels are included and you will have towle for the pool and the sea.

Surf,Kite, fisinhg, you can visit some traditional village or spend time

A good visit will require 10-12 days. According to the season it can be hot or windy, so you will often rest in the Villa. If you have kids, you will make shorter tour. The common tour is to visit Corralejo dune, Pop Corn Beach and El Cotillo beach in the North, Bentacuria in the centre and Morro Jable, Cofete and Winter House in the South. Climb on a vulcan is a nice adventure and you can have fun to search the squirrels (bring some chips). From Corralejo you can visit Isla de Lobos (Wolf Island) or get a ferry for Lanzarote.

The average is 25°C with dry summer where you can have 35-38°C

Caleta is less windy then the North of island, you normally have sun 365 days, but it can be cloudy for some hours. The rain is very rare, but can be intensive. It cold be foggy with the Calima (sand efect from Morocco).

Please rembere that the water temperatur of the Ocean is around 23°C.

The main beach  in Caleta is protected from the wind and this is ideal for kids.